Digital Abbas Sayed

A Certified Digital Marketer in Mumbai

Digital Abbas Sayed is a certified digital marketer in Mumbai. he has done his advanced digital marketing course at DGmark Institute Mumbai.

About Me

Abbas Sayed is a Certified Digital Marketer in Mumbai. he has completed his Advance Digital Marketing Course from DGmark Institute

Digital abbas’s core focus lies in implementing effective inbound marketing tactics including Website Development, Search Engine Optimaztion, Social Media Marketing, Google  Adwords Management

Work Experience

 2023- Campus Ambassador Intern for DGmark institue



1)Advanced Digital Marketing Course from DGMark Institute

2)Advanced Website Development course

3)AI and technology

4)Canva graphic Design 

5)ADV digital marketing certifications from GOOGLE


Open for Jobs, Projects & Partnerships.

Hi, I am Digital abbas sayed, a Certified Digital Marketer in Mumbai. I am actively seeking opportunities in digital marketing, including job positions, projects, and partnerships with companies in this industry

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